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What We Do

At DSI, our primary mission is, “REMOVE THE CLIENT FROM LIABILITY!”

We do this by keeping our focus on the following tenets:

  1. Open Communication
  2. Customer Service
  3. Timeliness stressed for ALL jobs
  4. Detail Oriented Quality Control

Our property managers understand the need to be informed, and they dependably provide updated feedback on the assets we manage. The DSI website contains detailed notes, service histories, and billing histories on each property in an easy to navigate and search package. DSI property managers go the extra mile on code violations by personally contacting code officers and attempting to negotiate timelines and/or fees on violations – this builds a rapport with local code offices and saves our clients money. All DSI employees are customer service representatives first and foremost, and all forms of communication with DSI will show that. We believe in fairness and professionalism, and we will settle for nothing less from our employees and contractors.

DSI understands curb appeal and the impact of a first impression on a buyer’s decision to purchase a home, and we strive to make that impression a positive one. Recurring lawn and janitorial/maid services are essential for maintaining visual appeal and expediting property conveyance; yet often, recurring services are considered an afterthought by many preservation companies. Your recurring maintenance needs are just as important as the initial services on a property in the eyes of DSI, and we diligently manage all recurring work. We want our clients to feel that regardless of the fee, each job is considered important and critical in meeting our shared goal of landing a closing and removing the property from inventory.

All personnel at DSI (from property managers to our contractors in the field) are trained to note curb appeal enhancements as well as safety and securing issues anytime they visit a property. The DSI Quality Control team reviews all jobs, to include individual recurring lawn photos, inspecting for duplicate photos and/or poor service. Each and every photo and invoice is reviewed by an experienced staff member, educated in detecting poor workmanship and dishonest practices. Because the client is already experiencing a monetary loss on the property, DSI is committed to reducing any further expense and preventing fraudulent work.

The vendor management business can be quite challenging, but with our technology, team, commitment, and drive to deliver an “A+ Product,” we do our utmost to make our clients’ jobs easier and more efficient.


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